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Archive | August, 2013

SSH to AWS Instance without key pairs

Here’s what I did on a Ubuntu EC2 A) Login as root using the keypairs B) Setup the necessary users and their passwords with # adduser C) Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config setting PasswordAuthentication yes D) Restart the sshd with # sudo service sshd restart


How to install and use OWASP Joomla Scanner (JoomScan) tool.

$ cd /opt $ sudo apt-get install -y libtest-www-mechanize-perl $ sudo svn co joomscan $ cd joomscan $ cd trunk $ chmod 755 $ perl update To see all tool options : $ perl * Copy without $ . You will see : Do you need more info ? Photo say  Full Article…


VMWare Interview Questions & Tips

VMware Topics Index : CLICK HERE 1. VMWare Kernel is a Proprietary Kenral and is not based on any of the UNIX operating systems, it’s a kernel developed by VMWare Company. 2. The VMKernel can’t boot it by itself, so that it takes the help of the 3rd party operating system. In VMWare case the  Full Article…