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iMacro tips

VERSION BUILD=7030862 SIZE X=1360 Y=768 TAB T=1 URL GOTO= FRAME F=2 TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Power<SP>Search TAG POS=1 TYPE=TEXTAREA FORM=NAME:searchForm ATTR=ID:terms CONTENT=acorda<SP>Pharmaceuticals<SP>stock<SP>offering TAG POS=1 TYPE=SELECT FORM=NAME:searchForm ATTR=ID:dateSelector1 CONTENT=%from TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=NAME:searchForm ATTR=ID:fromDate1 CONTENT=1/1/2000 TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=NAME:searchForm ATTR=ID:toDate1 CONTENT=1/1/2010 DS CMD=LDOWN X=223 Y=413 CONTENT= DS CMD=LUP X=223 Y=413 CONTENT= DS CMD=KEY X=223 Y=413 CONTENT=business<SP>wire WAIT  Full Article…


Password protecting a directory in Webmin

rmally we use .htaccess and .htpassword files for setting up password protection for accessing certain pages/folders/directories. In Webmin, there is an option called “Password protecting a directory” set up for you. Below are the easy steps to password protect a directory using Webmin: 1) login in to the Webmin interface 2) Main menu -> choose  Full Article…