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Archive | October, 2013

How to Stop WordPress Asking for FTP details to Upgrade Plugins

First, doctor we need to see what user Apache is running under. Type the following into a New file in any text editor. Save As whoami.php in the /var/www directory (or wherever you set Apache to serve files from): <?php echo(exec(“whoami”)); ?> Open this file in a browser (for instance, store localhost/whoami.php). It should reveal  Full Article…


pfSense: Editing /conf/config.xml file

The ISP’s internet conenction runs on port expecting a 10MB Full-duplex device to be plugged into it. The WAN interface on our PFSense box is a 10/100 NIC, which when uplinked without making any configuration changes, I found that I was only getting about 25% of the capacity I was expecting. The only way to  Full Article…