205 Administrator account credentials are invalid or empty – N-cental

Question : –

All our HV-NODEs Backup Manager Status are failed status with the following
“205 Administrator account credentials are invalid or empty”

But the backups are completing successfully.

Answer: –

What we can do is manually modify the reboot flag in the .xml to trick it
into thinking it’s been rebooted already.

1. Stop the “Windows Agent service” and “Windows Agent maintenance service.”
2. Please access: C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\Windows
Agent\config\IntegratedBackupConfig.xml and edit this file. Modify the
“RebootPendingTime” to a date in the past, but make sure to maintain the
current date format of this variable.
3. Start Windows Agent services again.

Please let me know the results and if the service in N-central starts
checking in properly (this could take up to an hour but you can also
disable/re-enable backup manager status to force a check).


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