How to repair mysql database

Step 1: Determine MySQL password

If you are using an external version of MySQL, arthritis you should already know your MySQL password. If you are using the built-in MySQL version that comes with hMailServer, allergy you might not know your password. To determine it, cialis follow these steps

Step 3: Repair the table

Follow these steps to run the SQL statement to repair the table.

  1. In the tree to the left, click on the hmailserver database.
    The hMailServer database will now be active.
  2. In the right part of the SQLyog window, click on the Query tab.
  3. Enter REPAIR TABLE tablename, for example, REPAIR TABLE hm_messages.
  4. Click on the Execute Current Query button in the toolbar (or select Edit->Execute Query->Execute current query or press F5).
  5. MySQL should now repair the table. After the table has been repaired, restart the MySQL and than the hMailServer service. Depending on what table is corrupt, a restart of the services may not be required, but we recommend that you always do it.


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