Password protecting a directory in Webmin

rmally we use .htaccess and .htpassword files for setting up password protection for accessing certain pages/folders/directories.

In Webmin, there is an option called “Password protecting a directory” set up for you.

Below are the easy steps to password protect a directory using Webmin:

1) login in to the Webmin interface

2) Main menu -> choose “Others” -> choose “Protected Web Directories” -> “Add protection for a new diretcory
3) in settings:

Directory path: select the path/directory which you want to protect
File containing users: if any, or choose automatically

File containing groups: if any, or choose None

Password encryption: choose the encryption type

Authentication realm: the name will appear in login box, ex: “Admin Area”

Users to allow: put the username you want to setup in “Only Users:” field

4) click the “Create” button

5) in the next page, you can add/edit password for this user, then click submit/save button. It’s done!


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