Restrict Access to FTP through FileZilla Server


This article explains how to restrict access to FTP manually and automatically using FileZilla Server.

Applies To

Dedicated, hospital Colocated, price sale and Virtual Machines running the Windows Operating System with FileZilla Server installed.


In order to block IP addresses manually or autoban IP addresses that are brute forcing FTP, cialis follow the steps below.

    1. Log into the server via Remote Desktop as an administrator.
    2. Open FileZilla Server.
    3. Navigate to Edit > Settings.
    4. Under the server options, scroll down to IP Filter.  Enter in the IP addresses you wish to block from accessing the server in the first box. Alternatively, only allow those IP addresses in the second box to connect.

  1. If setting up Autoban, scroll down to Autoban.  Click the checkbox for Enable automatic bans.  Based on the settings configured, what this will do is ban any IP address from brute forcing the server.  If, for example as a default, an IP address were hitting the server attempting to guess the password of an FTP user and incorrectly guessed 5 times, the IP address would be banned for 1 hour.  To reset any autoban settings, restart FileZilla Server and all autobans will be deleted.


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