Xen Server boot option issue

I have installed Centos 6 on my new Xen Server (XenServer release 6.2.0-70446c). Everything went smooth. System is working fine but now I want to change boot device on that VM to boot from DVD (iso from nfs storage) But in properties there is only Hard Disk option… I was looking for adding some new DVD device but didn’t find where (On Vmware it’s very simple and maybe here to but I was searching quite long time and it’s became frustrating )… It’s strange to me because when I was creating VM for Centos system had to start from DVD and everything went well and without problems but now when I wan’t to change boot order I can’t (don’t know how) enter image description here

What I do wrong … because I don’t believe that it is impossible on Xen. How to accomplish this ?


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